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Descriere produs:

Buton Zero Gravity : se poate ajusta pozitia scaunului la unghiul cel mai confortabil. 2 pozitii

Mod masaj : framantare, lovire usoara, sincron, lovire, shiatsu, ritm.

Zone masaj : gat, umeri, spate, sezut, solduri, picioare.

Mecanism masaj : 4 role pentru masaj

zona spate : suprafata transversala de masaj 6-20 cm

suprafata longitudinala 77 cm.

Masaj cu ajutorul presiunii aerului pentru umeri

8 perne aer pentru masaj brate cu 6 trepte de intensitate.

2 perne aer pentru masaj sezut.

Vibratii cu 3 trepte de intensitate in sezut

14 perne aer pentru masarea picioarelor / talpilor cu 3 trepte de intensitate

Airbaguri cu proeminente pentru masajul talpilor

Spatar rotativ cu unghi max . 115 grade.

Suport extensibil pentru picioare de max. 19 cm.

Telecomanda digitala.

Player audio cu MP3 cu difuzoare, port pentru stick USB

Ioni Negativi - Anioni

Incalzire in spatar

Culoare negru, rosu

material piele ecologica.

220-240 V

Dimensiuni ambalaj LxAxH : 150x81x80 cm

Does the term zero gravity massage chair mean that the chair somehow makes you float during your massage? Well not exactly let’s explore where the term Zero Gravity came from. The term Zero Gravity was developed by NASA describing the position that the astronauts were put in during takeoff of a rocket or the space shuttle. NASA was tasked to develop a method to reduce the stress applied to the body for their astronauts on takeoffs. What they found was if they put their astronaut in a reclined position with their legs level with their hearts it took the pressure off of the spine thus counteracting the pressure that a blast-off would put on their bodies.

A quality zero gravity massage chair elevates your knees to the level of your heart and brings the spine parallel to the ground, this takes the pressure off of the spine. By eliminating all of the vertical pressure on the vertebrae, the connective tissues surrounding your spine are able to totally relax making the massage features of a good quality massage chair far more effective.

One benefit of the zero gravity position is that it promotes good circulation and reduces swelling in the legs. By elevating the legs to the level of the heart can help prevent conditions like varicose veins.

A quality zero gravity chair is a chair which is highly adjustable and designed to support the human body extremely well, creating a sense of weightlessness and comfort. Most zero gravity massage chairs are designed to be set in a variety of positions. You can recline at several angles that a standard massage chair can, as well as in the zero gravity position. In all of these positions, the settings of the chair are intended to support the weight of the body, reducing pressure on the spine and ribcage keeping the sitter in a state of comfort. By reducing pressure on the body, a zero gravity chair can also be helpful for people with chronic back pain or other physical discomfort such as Fibromyalgia.

A quality zero gravity massage chair gives you the high adjust-ability of a standard zero gravity chair with the added benefits of a high quality massage chair, allowing you to total relax and let the chair do its job.

OPTO sensor device helps massage mechanism finding various consumer’s neck exactly and giving consumers best neck massage together with curve orbit and super long massage arm; 
4 wheels massage mechanism performs kneading, tapping,shiatsu, pummel massage and so on.
Imitating Zero Gravity capsule chair of NASA, completely release the pressure according to even supporting
Air pressure massage for head and neck(2  triple-layers air bags)
Air pressure massage for shoulder(armrests(2 double-layers air bags)
Heat for waist
Air pressure massage for arms hide in fashional armrests(4  air bags each side)
Extendable footrest, elongate 19cm in maximum
Air pressure massage for footrest(total 20pcs air bags)
Rolling massage for feet(6rollers)
MP3, with speaker
Touch  controller with VFD display
Optocoupler detection device
New developed four-rollers massage mechanism with width of 6-20 cm can make the kneading massage more exquisite. Based on this, the shoulder Optocoupler detection device has beed added to make accurate and reliable shoulder detection. Curvilinear gudie way is also applicated combining with human body engineering, which make back massage more comfortable. What is more, this chip’s super-long crank arm design makes kneading heads reach to front shoulder, just as professional masseur massaging for your shoulder, which is different from same-level products.
Up and down massage stroke is up to 77 centimeters.
Super-long stroke design can meet all kinds of people with different height. The key point of back massage is to strengthen the kneading massage on the points of shoulders, neck and waist.
Smart touch design 
This novel, fashionable and practical Smart Touch is waterproof, easy cleaning, durable and convenient for operation; 3 massage widths (wide, medium and narrow) are adjustable; The angle of massage chair can be adjusted in a scope from 116 degrees to 175 degrees.
Airbags installed on both shoulders
Nowadays, people often work in front of the computer in a same posture, which may cause ache on shoulder due to ligament aging and fiberizing.  
this new product can provide comfortable air pressure massage on shoulders, and can effectively relieve fatigue and eliminate ache on shoulders.
Heavy undertone audio and anion generator
Heavy undertone audio and anion generator are installed on both sides of head; High pitch is clear, and the median is sweet, while the bass low-frequency shakes strongly; High-fidelity speakers ensure the overall quality.
Anion can play important role in cleaning air, reducing fatigue, activating of cells and tissues, strengthening the human immune system, improving the natural healing ability to prevent aging, reducing stress, decomposing collagen of human beings, etc.
8 airbags for arm massage
4 airbags installed on both sides of armrest provide multi-technique wave massage for arms. At the same time, 6 massage strengths are for your option according to your own favor; The innovative arm massage structure can give you delicate massage on your arms
Linkage design of armrest and backrest:
When backrest is ascending or descending, the armrest is synchronously descending or ascending. No matter what angle backrest, arm and upper body will relatively keep the same position. User can adjust the angle or position of backrest and armrest to make the body in most natural and ideal posture.     
Massage mechanism for buttocks and thigh part
Two airbags installed at the bottom of the seat provide swaying waves massage to thigh and buttocks, meanwhile, it can also provide vibration massage on perineum which can effectively relieve hemorrhoids and other diseases. Strength and intensity can be adjusted in 3 degrees.
The seat part can be rotated with the backrest by 15 degrees
The innovation of this massage chair is the seat part can be rotated with the backrest by 15 degrees.
Newly designed touch-button controller
Touch button controller makes operation more simple and convenient. Touch the button gently can select four kinds of automatic massage programs based on your needs. You can also manually adjust massage intensity and control massage speed and position flexibly and conveniently.
"Zero Gravity" Button
When press "Zero Gravity" button,  you can make your back completely relaxed, meanwhile you can adjust the seat and leg to the most comfortable angle, which makes body's gravity completely transferred to the massage chair, as if you are in a "state of weightlessness", and then click the "zero gravity" button will allow the backrest, seat, leg reach to the limit position.
Foot operated retractable legrest
To meet the needs of people with different heights, the user can use their feet to adjust the legrest. The legrest can be stretchedcanby 20 cm which can ensure that foot can be close to footrest.
14 airbags in different size are scientifically distributed on the points of feet and calf, providing for multi-technique and all-around pressing, kneading and swaying massage for toes, soles of the feet, heels, ankles and legs etc. 15 minutes massage can totally relieve your fatigue and make you energetic and healthy. 3 levels of massage strength are optional for leg massage.


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